December 03, 1997

"I find it amazing how many people are so desperate for meat that they have to shoot deer at night before the legal season comes in whether it be right across from their house or just east of the city. I think the DNR needs to keep a closer check on these people. Hunting rules are made for everyone, not just a chosen few. Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. Roscoe Bartlett is going to present a flag to one of the local stores on Wesel Boulevard for being so friendly to the veterans of the wars. Well, let me tell you something, I know a couple of veterans that they were pretty shabby to. Thank you very much."

"Yes. I agree that we need some portable potties downtown. I think we should line them up around the Christmas tree and that would be an improvement from what's already there. Why don't they just give up on downtown? It's never going to amount to anything so why save it? Bye."


"Yes. I'd like to know why Tim Rowland has two different pictures? One is young and one is old. I like the old one best. Thank you."

"If anyone knows when the Santa Surplus Store is going to be open, please call Mail Call and let me know. Thank you."

"Hi. I was on Metz Road today and there's this little old man that rides up and down the road a lot. He's going to keep on and cause someone to have an accident. He'd better stay on the right side of the road."

"This is to the outlaw who usually wears a three-piece suit. You were seen poaching deer and I'm sure there are a few good DNR men left and that they will get you because you have been reported. It's just a matter of time."

"This is in reference to the call about the prisoners not having visitation on holidays. I agree 100 percent with that caller and I also think that if the large prisons can have full-contact visits then the Detention Center should be able to have them too. There's nothing like a little hug or a touch for someone you love. These men and women have feelings too and to talk to them through that glass is inhuman. I think the sheriff should rethink this practice too and allow these people to be treated with a little more respect. Everyone needs a hug now and then, even prisoners. Thank you."

"Yes. This is to the person who stole my Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ornament off my front lawn. I hope you're happy!"

"I don't appreciate that some moron imported foreign frogs that are now eating all my flowers."

"Yeah. This has really got me upset and I don't wish to discuss it any further but someone ate all my cabbages. I know it sounds weird but I had my cabbages that I was cooking out on my back porch and someone took them. This is not a joke and I'm very upset. I don't know what I expect to happen from calling this in but I want something to happen cause I would have been cooking them cabbages and it has me very upset."

"Yes. Hi, Mail Call. I was calling in about the letter that was in the paper about the prisoners at the Washington County Detention Center not allowing visitors on the holidays. I agree. They should also be able to have visitors like the rest of them and I think maybe it's time they look into that and have these hours changed. These prisoners don't forget about their family, friends and loved ones on holidays. I do believe that it's time for something to be done about it. Thank you."

"The bottom line of this air bag controversy is money. It is not public safety."

"Yes. I would like to see an outsider judge the Christmas lights in Williamsport this year and not the mayor and assistant mayor. Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. I never called Mail Call before but I always read it. If people in Mail Call would mind their own business once in a while, people would get along a lot better here in Hagerstown."

"In Monday's Herald-Mail, Kate Coleman's column on how to make the Christmas season more enjoyable was real good advice and a real blessing. Everyone should read it to have a happy holiday and they should apply it. Thanks, Kate."

"Thumbs up to Pete Thomas who gave his kidneys so that other man could live. What greater gift could someone give? Have a blessed Christmas, you two guys and your families."

"A big hurrah for Karen and her kids for thinking of someone else on Thanksgiving. I was enlightened to read this thank you from your friend. You made her day when you could have just let her be sad on a holiday. You are a true friend and I'm sure she knows it. Thank you for making my day also by knowing that there's still some good people out there in this cruel, sometimes heartless world. I hope your next holiday and hers are just as great. May God bless both you and your families."

"Good morning. I need some help. I'm a grandmother and I remember back years ago when banks and different places would put letters that you could get from Santa and I need some for my grandchildren. If anyone's doing this, would you put an answer in Mail Call? Thank you."

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