Financing slated for city projects

November 28, 1997


Staff Writer

Hagerstown officials expect to have $8 million in funds available by mid-December for several projects, including developing the Fairgrounds and upgrading downtown traffic signals.

City Council members unanimously approved Tuesday issuing $8 million in bonds. The bonds can be issued starting Dec. 5, said City Finance Director Al Martin.

Planning Director Ric Kautz has said $1 million would be used to prepare the fairgrounds for development by grading the land and installing utilities.


Plans for the fairgrounds include soccer fields, softball fields, equestrian show areas, a BMX track, walking and cycling trails and an area for skate boarding.

Council members also voted 5-0 to pay $59,000 to KCI Technologies, of Hunt Valley, Md., to prepare construction documents for the Fairgrounds.

Whichever recreational facility or athletic fields council members decide to have built first could be ready by the summer of 1999, officials said Tuesday. Construction could begin in November 1998, they said.

Other uses for bond money include:

- $3.1 million toward $3.3 million in improvements to the Water Pollution Control Department's plant and toward $1.2 million in repairs and upgrades to the Hamilton Run sewer line.

- $2 million toward the $4.5 million construction of the Smithsburg-Edgemont filtration plant and the $2 million rehabilitation and improvements to the R.C. Willson Water Treatment Plant.

- $750,000 to buy and develop land to expand downtown parking.

- $400,000 toward the $549,298 purchase of a ladder truck for the Hagerstown Fire Department.

- $300,000 to help pay for traffic signal upgrades in the downtown area.

- $300,000 to restore sections of the City Park lake wall.

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