No 'Pitt' stops in Sharpsburg

November 28, 1997


Staff Writer

SHARPSBURG - Richard Miles Jr. is not Brad Pitt.

And he wants everyone to know that.

Rumors have been swirling about southern Washington County for more than a month that blond heartthrob and movie actor Pitt had moved into a house southeast of Sharpsburg.

That's just not true, according to Pitt's publicist.

Miles, who moved into the house in question at 3937 Mills Road on Halloween, said he has had people knocking at his door every 15 minutes since Monday looking for Pitt.


Two truckloads of girls arrived at the door of his two-story black house mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving Day looking for the actor, Miles said.

"Most of them come up to the door all hours of the night, on the holiday," said Miles, 36.

Some people drive past the house, turn around at the Burnside Church of God parking lot down the street and drive by again.

Miles thinks some people have been walking around his property at night because he and his fiancee found a stone bench in their yard knocked over one morning.

Some people wave. Some leave notes.

Like the note Miles got from the Boonsboro High School Drama Department asking Pitt if its members could be extras in the film "Gods and Generals."

Filming in Washington County for the sequel to "Gettysburg" could start in the summer of 1999.

Filmmaker Ronald F. Maxwell could not be reached for comment to determine if Pitt is being considered for a part in the movie.

Pitt's publicity firm would not say what his next project is, only that he just finished production on "Meet Joe Black." Pitt's most recently released movie was "Seven Years in Tibet" and he has been in "Legends of the Fall," "Interview with the Vampire," "Twelve Monkeys," "Seven" and "The Devil's Own."

Pitt, 33, has been out of the country for at least a week, according to his publicist Cindy Guagenti with Baker Winokur Ryder PR in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Guagenti said Pitt has not bought a house in the Sharpsburg area nor is he renting one.

When Miles bought the house, the seller told him there were rumors Pitt was moving into the house.

"I moved out of the city and out here to get some peace," said Miles, who moved from Baltimore.

Miles said he may resemble Pitt from a distance. But from up close there's no mistaking him for the actor.

Pitt has blond hair and a washboard stomach.

Miles has red hair, a goatee, and freckles.

He says he hasn't been in either Cap'n Bender's Tavern or Pete's Restaurant & Bar in Sharpsburg, where Pitt was rumored to have been seen last weekend.

Town resident Brad Dixon said he saw a man who looked like Pitt at Pete's last Saturday night. When he told the man of the resemblance, the man just laughed, Dixon said.

"(Pitt) definitely wasn't here," said Pete's bartender Tammy Jones, who worked last Saturday night.

Dottie Knight, owner of Bender's, said she first heard the rumor in October when two men entered her bar. They told her they were buying a house on Mills Road, wanted to be in the Civil War movie, and asked her if she'd ever heard of Pitt.

Then they left, she said.

"I didn't know who Brad Pitt was," said Knight. Besides the rumors about Pitt, Knight said there was once a rumor Demi Moore was in town.

"My regular customers are more important than a movie star to me anyway. But if he was (here), my guys would shoot pool with him. He's just one of the guys," Knight said.

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