Letters to the Editor

November 21, 1997

Letters to the Editor

Remember all those who help schools run well

To the editor:

Nov. 17-23 is American Education Week and during that week, we celebrated the role that public education has played, and continues to play, in helping all Americans to have the opportunity to be the best that they can be. Wednesday of this week, Nov. 19, was National Education Support Personnel Day.

What jobs do education support employees do in our public schools? Everthing except hold a certified employee position. We maintain and operate the largest public transportation fleet in our community - the school buses and the other vehicles owned by the school system. With these buses, we safely transport our communities most valuable resource, our children, from home to school and back every school day.

We are the maintenance personnel who keep the school physical plants working properly. We are the food service workers who provide our children with nutritional meals, daily preparing and serving more meals than even the fast-food restauarants. For too many of our children, these meals may be the best or the only one they eat that day.


We are the secretaries and other clerical workers who deal with the paperwork associated with running one of the largest businesses in our community. We are the custodians who make sure that our children have a clean and safe environment in which to learn. We are the instructional assistants who work with teachers to provide our children with individualized instruction and to provide teachers with the time to teach. If you know someone who works in our schools, take a moment and thank them for the job they do, whether they are an administrator, teacher or a member of the support staff - the other half of public school employees.

Linda Dunn


Washington County Education

Classified Employees' Association

Life is precious; don't destroy it

To the editor:

Since abortion was legalized in 1973, there have been over 34 million deaths, which exceeds the population of Canada.

About a month ago, a handful of people including myself and my fiancee, stood in front of the clinic in Hagerstown and prayed for the mothers and their babies.

We also had pamphlets and phone numbers of agencies that would bend over backwards to adopt these babies. But what was so bewildering and almost hypocritical about this clinic was the sign posted near the entrance.

It read: "Hagerstown Reproductive Health Center." Okay, 50 percent of this sign was accurate, Hagerstown and Center. The word reproductive is certainly not accurate. There is no reproducing going on in there!

Now let's talk about the other word: health. To understand the abortion business in America, we must understand what goes on inside abortion clinics.

The Miami Herald found abominable conditions in abortion clinics, including mold growing on a suction machine. Florida's Department of Health secretary examined four abortion clinics, finding no restrooms or hot water at one of the clinics, stirrups covered with blood, an oxygen mask smeared with lipstick from a previous patient, and disposable tubes being reused on patient after patient.

There wasn't any soap in one abortion clinic so inspectors had to go next door to another building just to wash their hands. One official stated, "It is hard to believe that places like this can exist in this age of modern medicine."

The Chicago Sun-Times expose of Illinois abortion clinics described an abortionist dashing from one woman to the next, "without washing his hands or donning sterile gloves."

The alternative is to have this beautiful child and give it up for adoption! A baby is a gift from God. We must respect and accept God's plan and not throw it away.

Why go through with the decision to end this life, especially in an atmosphere where not one soul cares about you or your baby?

Life is so precious. No one has the right to take away life except God. If we followed that rule, there wouldn't be more than 4,000 abortions every day.

They would be able to shut down these unsafe clinics. Children would be safe in the mother's womb. Life would never be taken for granted.

Aaron Daly

Charles Town, W. Va.

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