Thumbs up, thumbs down

November 14, 1997

To the volunteers, elected officials and donors who will make it possible for the Doris I. Billow skating rink to open in Zullinger, Pa. Billow's gift may nurture an Olympic champ.

To the volunteer crews who installed 52 new window sills at the historic Entler Hotel in Shepherdstown. Now spared from any damage that rain seeping in could cause, this 1786 structure may be around for another 200 years.

To Philadelphia Judge Jon Merriweather, who dismissed charges against a man who allegedly beat his victim into a coma because jail officials failed to get the defendant to court on time.

To the U.S. Supreme Court, for refusing to hear a case brought on behalf of two 8-year-old girls who were strip-searched after a classmate accused them of stealing $7. Obviously, these children aren't related to anyone with clout.


To officials in Hancock, now mulling the possibility of banning bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades from city sidewalks. While you're at it, tell the kids there's no Santa, either.

To Washington County Circuit Court Judge Kennedy Boone, for donating $500 to the Springfield Middle PTA he recently ruled was liable for a $2,000 Florida trip won by a local youth's family in 1993. This judge has a heart.

To the West Virginia Wizards, for donating the proceeds of their annual magic show to Jordy Carper, the Hedgesville, W.Va. youth who had a double-lung transplant in June.

To Maryland's Juvenile Justice Department, for failing to adequately protect employees at the local juvenile detention center from attack by the young suspects incarcerated at the Jonathan Street facility.

To the unidentified boater who ignored high-water warnings on the Potomac and was nearly swept over Dam No. 5 last Saturday. You got away with your life - this time.

To Mark Johnson, who doesn't feel he deserves a life term for kidnapping Donald Milligan because he says he thought Milligan was already dead, and you can't kidnap a dead body. Oh well, that explains everything.

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