Judge Boone gives $500 to PTA

November 12, 1997

Judge Boone gives $500 to PTA


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Springfield Middle School PTA, ordered in October to pay a $2,000 judgment, has gotten some help from the judge who ruled against the organization in the civil suit.

Washington County Circuit Judge Kennedy Boone, who ruled the PTA had a legal obligation to pay Caleb Moses and his family for a Florida trip the boy won in 1993 but never took, has made a $500 contribution to the PTA.

"Here's this organization that's out $2,000. That is going to impact on the coming year's activities,'' Boone said Tuesday.

Boone said he recently spoke with Peggy Martin, Springfield Middle School PTA's current treasurer, who said the PTA would meet to decide how to raise the money. Boone told her he would send a $500 check, earmarked to help pay off the $2,000 judgment he awarded to the family.


"It's tough enough to get people to volunteer for these organizations,'' he said. "I just hope the donation will ease the pain.''

Boone said in an interview after his ruling two weeks ago that he felt bad for the current PTA, which has the burden of paying the judgment.

"It's unfortunate, these are volunteers, but the ticket was drawn,'' Boone said. "I feel bad for the PTA but it was a contract."

Martin said she and other PTA members were gratified when they received the check from Boone and his wife.

"We are now one-fourth of the way to meeting our obligation,'' Martin said.

She said she hopes the generosity shown by Boone and his wife will encourage others to help the PTA out of the financial dilemma.

"We're sending a letter home to parents asking for their help,'' Martin said.

The Oct. 27 court hearing was the culmination of a lawsuit filed by Jackie Moses on behalf of her son, Caleb, who drew the winning ticket in a 1993 PTA contest based on candy sales.

The prize was to include air fare, one week stay in a motel, car rental and a four-day Disney World pass for a family of four. The trip was to be made within a year of the drawing.

Prior vacation plans and unexpected health problems forced the family to postpone the trip to Orlando several times. When the family tried to arrange the trip in February 1994, Jackie Moses said she was told the trip was no longer available.

She sued in Washington County District Court and won her case in 1996. The PTA appealed the District Court decision and the $2,000 judgment awarded there.

The Oct. 27 hearing was on that appeal and Boone ruled that the lower court judgment was appropriate.

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