Injuction extended against Todd, bond raised

October 31, 1997


Staff Writer

Friday, an injunction against Todd Educational Foundation was extended and a bond was raised in two separate civil court cases brought by the Washington County Gaming Commission.

Washington County District Judge Noel Spence agreed to raise a bond from $20,000 to $22,000 on three cases where appeals have been filed over the payment of fines assessed against Todd Educational Foundation.

If and when those appeals are affirmed, then the gaming commission can recover the fines owed from that bond money, said William Schildt, attorney for the gaming commission.


In February, an administrative law judge fined Lauver for a series of gaming violations that stripped him of his wholesaler's license last year.

Before the license suspension, Todd supplied between 30 and 50 taverns and restaurants with gaming devices and supplies.

Once the bond issue was settled in the lower court, the parties moved up the street to Washington County Circuit Court where Judge John H. McDowell extended the injunction he imposed against Todd on Oct. 14.

That injunction will continue until a new court date is set, McDowell said.

The gaming commission sought the injunction amid allegations that more than $100,000 in Todd Educational Foundation gaming money earmarked for charities found its way into non-charitable corporations owned by Robert Lauver and his wife.

Kent Krabbe, attorney for Robert Lauver, said in mid October that everything has been done properly.

Krabbe acknowledged that some of the funds went into non-charitable corporations owned by the Lauvers. "Some may be in an account with that name but they were earmarked for charitable purposes.''

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