Ghoulish videos for Halloween

October 29, 1997


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If real life isn't scary enough, renting a movie could make it a killer weekend.

Frightening films can take you away to another world, says Michelle Sipes, manager of Golden West Video of Hancock.

"Everyone wants to be scared on Halloween night," Sipes says.

Horror movies are popular with customers of all ages at Wonder Book and Video in Hagerstown, store manager Terry Parrish says.

"It's like riding a roller coaster - it gets the adrenalin pumping and makes you feel alive. You can turn the television off and tell yourself it was just a movie," she says.


Teenagers often rent several horror films at a time to watch during sleepovers or get-togethers with friends, says Linda Miller, co-owner of Video Magic in Hagerstown.

Teens and young adults have been attracted to "Scream," a box-office smash now burning up the small screen. The 1996 movie, in which someone takes a love of scary movies too far, stars Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox.

"It's the excitement of being scared to death," Miller says.

Classics like "Psycho" are great to watch around Halloween, even if you've seen them before, says Barbara Trenary, co-owner of Family Video in Williamsport.

Trenary says movies based on Stephen King books, such as "Pet Sematary," are popular with viewers.

Other favorites are films that have spawned a series of sequels, including "Friday the 13th," "Hellraiser," "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Halloween."

Parrish, who says she doesn't scare easily, considers the original "Halloween" to be one of the most frightening films ever made. The movie is available this season in a wide screen, letterbox format, she says.

Which to watch?

We asked movie experts at Video Magic, Golden West Video of Hancock, Wonder Book and Video and Family Video for suggestions on what to watch this Halloween.

Looking for some biting humor? Read their recommendations on films with the most comedy.

If you prefer cinema on the cutting edge, check out some of the movies filled with special effects.

They also offered their choices for the scariest, goriest and most classic films, and named some horror movies that are so bad they're good. Some of the movies can fit into more than one category.

Pop one into your VCR and become engrossed - or grossed out - and get in the spirit of things.

Here are some recommendations from area video store staffs:


"The Amityville Horror"

"Angel Heart"


"Cape Fear"

"The Exorcist"

"Halloween" series


"The Shining"


"Dead Alive"

"The Dentist"

"Hellraiser" series

"Mr. Ice Cream Man"


"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Best special effects:

"Bram Stoker's Dracula"

"The Fly"


"Interview with the Vampire"

"Nightmare on Elm Street" series


Most comical:

"An American Werewolf in London"

"April Fool's Day"


"Army of Darkness"

"Haunted Honeymoon"

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

"Vampire in Brooklyn"

"Young Frankenstein"

Horror classics:


"Evil Dead"

"Friday the 13th" series



"The Howling"

"The Omen" series



So bad they're good:

"Afraid of the Dark"

"Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"

"Basket Case"

"Godzilla vs. Mothra"

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space"

"Lunch Meat"

"Pet Sematary"

"Prom Night 3"

"Redneck Zombies"

"The Stuff"


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