Updated building codes 'past due'

October 27, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - When the borough of Waynesboro upgrades its official building code, area builders will be ahead of the game.

Builders who work in the borough are generally well-versed on the building codes that govern all construction, both new and remodeling, said Douglas Pyle, the borough's building inspector for the last five months. Pyle said he uses the most up-to-date national building codes, which were established in 1993, during inspections.

He said he supports the Borough Council's current effort to upgrade its official building code, possibly by the end of this year. The last time it was done was 1979.


"It's long past due," Pyle said.

Pyle said most of his time is spent as zoning enforcement officer, though his official title is zoning enforcement officer/building inspector.

"I haven't had any problem with the building code. The contractors know the codes," he said. Most zoning violation complaints deal with the borough's weed ordinance and complaints of debris piled up in back yards, he said.

Most of the permits he issues are for remodeling.

"Few are for new construction," Pyle said. "The borough doesn't have much room to grow."

The newest housing developments are under way in the Westview Avenue section of the borough, where about 30 single-family homes will eventually be built.

"That's the borough's growth area," he said.

In 1994 his office issued 311 permits. In 1995, 243 were given out and 275 were issued in 1996.

So far this year, 282 have been given out.

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