Mail Call for Monday, Oct. 27

October 27, 1997

"This is in response to the person who called in and let out all the hot air. He was doing real well until he got to the part about the peanut butter sandwiches. Come on folks, these are kids. Let's lay off of it and I'd like to see these people that don't think it's such a big deal for them to live off it."

"This is to Joann. We had a wonderful three years and I'd like to have another 100 years together if you'd just give me the chance. I can do it. Love, Tim."

"About the nosy neighbor. If you're not ashamed of what you're doing or what you did, why worry about them?"

"This is for the person who stole the wooden ghost cut-out from the yard on West Side Avenue. Only a low-down thief would steal from a home where you can tell children live because of all the Halloween decorations. You are a sorry person and you belong with the monsters of Halloween because that's what you are - a monster. I hope you enjoy it now because someday you'll answer for taking what doesn't belong to you."


"I just want to say that I support the effort that the City Police and area people are putting out to stop all this boom box stereo stuff and may I make a suggestion? Have them sit on Wilson Boulevard in downtown Hagerstown and just hand the tickets out. Keep up the good work guys."

"This is for the person who called in and said that her nosy neighbor was sitting out in 42-degree weather watching her yard with her coat on. I was just wondering if maybe she thought that she shouldn't have her coat on in that kind of weather?"

"In regards to the Smithsburg Volunteer Fire Company's problem. If the chief said we're part of a wedding and it starts at 2, was that now a refusal to answer an alarm? If I had a fire at my house, I'd be most concerned if I didn't have fire coverage when I thought I did."

"I was just down at the post office in Maugansville and I was wondering why they do not have to wear uniforms? I think it's very unprofessional looking that they just have any old thing on."

"Hello, Mail Call. I read your column every day and I saw that you put in my article that I called in and I just wanted to thank you. Your column is the best thing that ever happened to The Daily Mail. Again, thank you.''

"Yes. Hello, Mail Call. I was calling to see if anyone out there in the reading area would happen to have a 40th Anniversary Cinderella? She's the first in a wedding series only made by Toys R' Us and I was wondering if anyone would happen to have one and would be willing to sell it? If they could please call Mail Call and leave a message, I will give them a call. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you."

"Hello. This is for the big mouth in Thursday's paper complaining about the boys from West Virginia coming over here to Maryland and robbing the bank. Well, I just wanted to let them know that we have taken care of their Maryland boys for many years coming over here and getting their beer, getting drunk and wrecking cars and destroying people's property. We've paid for that for years and nobody seems to care anything at all about that. So put your brain in gear before you open your big mouth again."

"Hug your children at home and belt them in the car!"

"I read in the paper that the Boonsboro school had a meeting and no one complained about the peanut butter sandwiches and that everyone who attended thought it was a good idea and had no complaints. I'd like to know where all the people were that have called into Mail Call and complained? It went on to say that the only complaints were in the paper's Mail Call column and no one had anything bad to say about it at this meeting and that they are going to continue this program. Where were all the big mouths who were complaining? If my child went there and I didn't like something I'd have been the first one there and the first one with my mouth in gear. It's amazing that no one had any complaints. It sounds to me like all you people who didn't show up or didn't have anything to say and didn't open up your mouths are probably the ones that don't send lunch money to school with your kids. You deserve anything you get or don't get depending on how you look at it. But it's a shame that your kids are the ones to suffer because you all don't have any backbones when it comes to protecting your children face to face. You all need to grow up and either stop your complaining or open those big mouths and take a stand for your kids!"

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