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Neighbors' complaints lead to charges

October 26, 1997


Staff Writer

Complaints about alcohol being served this summer to several minors - one just 11 years old - led to charges being filed against a 22-year-old Smithsburg woman Wednesday.

Doreen Louise Ford, of B-7, Washington Court, is charged with four counts of contributing to the condition of a child, according to Washington County District Court records.

Released on personal recognizance Wednesday, Ford could face up to three years in prison and/or $2,500 fine on each count.

Sgt. Mark Knight of the Washington County Sheriff's Department said in his report he was contacted in late September by Officer Shawn Tyler of the Smithsburg Police Department.


Tyler told Knight he had information that Ford had been furnishing alcohol to minors who lived in Washington Court.

Knight first contacted a 17-year-old boy who said he went to Ford's apartment on Aug. 23 and asked her if she had any beer, court records said.

Ford allegedly told him there was beer in the kitchen and he then drank 10 beers, court records said. Ford also drank beer and went to sleep on the couch, court records said.

In early October, Knight interviewed a woman neighbor in reference to her two daughters, age 11 and 13, both of whom were present when Ford allegedly furnished alcohol to them and others.

The 11-year-old told Knight she remembered that a boy gave Ford $20 to buy some beer for him and other juveniles, including her, court records said. She couldn't remember the date.

The 13-year-old said she was at the Ford apartment Aug. 23 and drank beer while Ford was away for about a half hour. The 17-year-old boy who was also at the apartment that day became intoxicated, the girl told Knight.

A 14-year-old boy was also interviewed and he said he was also at Ford's apartment on Aug. 23 and he drank beer provided by Ford, court records said.

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