School sticks with peanut butter

October 24, 1997


Staff Writer

BOONSBORO - They've been getting a bum rap, but peanut butter sandwiches will stay on the menu at Boonsboro Elementary School.

School officials this year began serving peanut butter sandwiches to students who forgot their lunch money, prompting an outpouring of public comment.

Some have criticized the plan, saying prisoners are served better food. Others said the school wouldn't have to resort to the fare if parents would be more responsible.


Boonsboro PTA President Lori Slick said most of the comments have been made through the The Daily Mail's Mail Call and have not come from town residents.

Despite the outcry, Boonsboro Elementary Principal Richard L. Reynolds said he plans to continue the program of giving the sandwiches to students who come to school without lunch money.

Reynolds said he met with about 50 Parent Teacher Association members Tuesday night, and no one had any complaints about the plan.

Slick said the sandwich and a carton of milk is enough to keep students going until they get home at the end of the day.

"Everybody I've talked to (is) supportive," said Slick.

Students who forgot their lunch money used to be allowed to charge the $1.30 meal and pay the school later. But the school discontinued the program last year after it ended up not being reimbursed for many of the meals, Reynolds said.

Students are served the peanut butter separately along with two pieces of bread, Reynolds said. They must make the sandwich themselves by spreading the peanut butter on the bread with a spoon, Reynold said.

Reynolds said that requiring students to make their own sandwiches helps teach them responsibility and how to take care of themselves.

When the program was started, school officials met and determined that a peanut butter sandwich met students' nutritional needs. Reynolds said about seven youngsters a week are served sandwiches.

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