Thumbs up, thumbs down

October 24, 1997

To Hagerstown and Washington County elected officials, for agreeing on a plan to provide sewer to the Prime Retail development. It's a first step toward future cooperation.

To Washington County's Phoenix Color Corp., for donating $92,000 to help three local schools upgrade their computers. The only condition: Each school must start a reading program. A great donation and a good idea.

To any Talbot County, Md. judge who takes seriously Merle W. Unger's plea for a new trial in the 1975 slaying of a Hagerstown police officer. This guy should do his life-plus-40 term.

To Boonsboro Elementary School officials, for sticking with their decision to give peanut butter sandwiches to students who forget their lunch money. If parents had paid when the school extended credit, this wouldn't be an issue.


To Dr. Herman Bartlett Jr., for answering questions about some not-so-happy times in his last post forthrightly and without complaint. Now that it's out of the way, he can start work.

To Washington County school officials, for claiming they didn't set up a advocacy team for troubled students because of Del. Joanne Benson's intervention. When Benson began talking about suing, this panel got formed in a hurry.

To the Chambersburg Transit Authority, for launching bus service to Waynesboro, Pa., with a day of free rides. Other systems ought to try to lure new riders in this way.

To St. Mary's Church in Hagerstown, for setting up a room for teenagers two nights and one morning a week, so they can hang out with friends and play games or even do homework in a safe and quiet atmosphere.

To J. Philip Stapleton, a Five Forks, Pa., literacy tutor who also teaches recent immigrants the things they need to pass a citizenship test. Thanks for your service.

To the genius at the the U.S. Postal Service who returned a Connecticut girl's letter, addressed to President Clinton at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., with the notation that the prez had moved. Not that we've heard.

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