Letters to the editor

October 23, 1997

County faces important issues, so speak up now

To the editor:

At the current time there is much debate about the role the government in Washington County should fulfill. Should we finance movies? Should we build baseball stadiums? Should we give new business coming to the community incentives to locate here?

These are fundamental questions all citizens of the county should examine deeply and decide for themselves what the role of their government should be.

Do we want our government to stimulate growth by becoming involved financially with private sector projects? Some would say involvement by government is a role of government; others would say involvement is wrong. It would appear in most cases the current county cfommissioners feel involvement is correct.


There are two sides to the argument over financing a minor league baseball field. Some would say helping to finance a minor league field would increase the economic level of the county.

I ask if we help finance a field, what guarantee do we have that the owner will stay after we build the field? Should county government be involved in projects that are a gamble?

The argument over whether to help finance a movie has similar implications in regard to gambles. Should county government be involved in a project that is a gamble?

I am not opposed to growth because I believe the opposite of growth is stagnation and decline; I just have questions about the role our government should take in private-sector projects. I feel this is a serious matter and all citizens of the county need to decide for themselves the facts and let the commissioners know their feelings.

Meredith Fouche


PK not political

To the editor:

How refreshing and soul stirring to read about and hear about the "Christian men rally" known as "Promise Keepers." At last Christians are finally coming out of the closet. Oh! Of course some are making sly remarks about it, but hasn't that always been the reaction to anything Christians and God-fearing people do?

I am a Christian and proud of it, but at the same time I feel this should include all men of God, for God is father of us all and all of our guidelines for living a good life originated with the Ten Commandments put forth by God before Christ's birth. His coming was a follow-up and a fulfillment of the prophesies of that time, so let all of us, who believe and acknowledge our heavenly father, band together. That would really swell the crowd.

As for those who try to say it's a political thing, you are way off course. We Christians and God fearing people are showing you that we are alive and kicking. Bravo to this group and God bless each and every one. Now for all of us standing on the sidelines, let's do our part to show our belief at every opportunity. Let people know we are God's people and if He is for us, who can be against us? Also think positive and know the right will prevail and if it's going to be, it's up to each and every one of us.

Charlotte Decker


It's check-out time for those with woes

To the editor:

Do you need the privacy and seclusion that's usually necessary to complete a successful suicide? Well save yourself some cash. You don't need the $29.95 for the hotel room or for a gun, drugs or even a rope. Just check in at M.C.T.C.; it's fairly easy to do.

Once you're here you can get a single room as easy as getting that double at the Holiday Inn. After that just wait until after breakfast and throw the sheet through the vent - nobody's going to disturb you, not room service, not the maid, and if you're quiet the front desk will forget you're even here.

And when they do find you, you are guaranteed a D.O.A. at County General.

So it's that easy. Got a problem? Need seclusion to carry out your plan? Check in and check out. Just come to M.C.T.C. You won't be disturbed and hey, we'll leave the light on for ya.

Keith A. Baker



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