Just call him Mayor Bob

October 22, 1997

Just call him Mayor Bob.

Sometimes, nothing else seems to work.

Shock jock Don Imus referred to Hagerstown Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II as Mayor Brushey when he aired his radio show from The Maryland Theatre on Sept. 12.

During Wednesday morning's opening ceremonies of the American Association of Code Enforcement's annual business and education conference in Hagerstown, the mayor's name was repeatedly mispronounced. At one point, he was referred to as "BREW-she."

Conference officials pronounced the name sever different ways, even giving the name a bit of French flair by saying "BREW-shay."

Bruchey politely corrected the mispronunciations, but to avoid future mistakes, conference officials simply resorted to calling him "Mayor Bob."

"That works for me," said Bruchey on Wednesday afternoon. "Mayor Bob works better than just about anything."

Over the years, anything has included Brinkley, Bruckley, Bruchlee, Brunchey and Bushey, the mayor said.

It's "BREW-chee," said Bruchey.

"As easy as it looks, it's not that easy to pronounce," he said.


- Julie E. Greene and Guy Fletcher

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