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Officials want to get tough on drug offenders

October 22, 1997

It's time to get tough on drug offenders, according to the Washington County Commissioners.

The commissioners, tired of hearing reports about increased drug use, want to bring police, prosecutors and politicians together to work on the problem.

Offenders should be forced to mow grass on Dual Highway while wearing orange uniforms, Commissioner James R. Wade said Tuesday. Wade said sending people to jail for three months isn't enough.

Wade said harsher punishments would deter out-of-town drug pushers from from coming to Hagerstown.

Commissioner John S. Shank agreed, saying laws against drugs are tougher elsewhere, and said any solution should emphasize punishment.

Commissioner Ronald L. Bowers said jail should be a punishment, not an opportunity to socialize.

Commissioner R. Lee Downey suggested that more stings against drug users could help lower demand, but Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook said that approach could fill the county jail quickly.


- Steven T. Dennis

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