Thumbs up, thumbs down

October 17, 1997

To the AC&T Company, for its donation of $25,000 to Washington County's Rural Heritage Museum, a gift that may have prompted a $15,000 pledge from Purina Mills, Inc. Thanks.

To Carl Miller Sr., of Hagerstown, for tackling a purse- snatching suspect outside the County Market and holding the man until city police arrived. We don't recommend that everybody do this, but it was a brave thing to do.

To Maryland's Department of Transportation, for saying it doesn't have the cash now to improve the Halfway Boulevard/Interstate 81 interchange. If it were in Baltimore, cash would be found.

To Washington County officials, for not helping Maugansville firefighters get reimbursed for thousands they spent fighting a large tire fire. If we want them to respond, we've got to respond when they need help.


To Hagerstown's elected officials, for recognizing that Karen Giffin, the city's downtown coordinator, needs help to do the 50 other jobs she's been assigned. An overdue insight, but welcome.

To Peter Downey, the outgoing general manager of the Waynesboro, Pa. area's Cumberland Valley on Ice, for getting the project under roof and hiring a staff before health problems forced his resignation. Thanks.

To a committee studying ways to help Maryland's horse track, for its recommendation that the state legalize phone-in betting. That way, even shut-ins could lose their shirts.

To John and Nancy Talbert, of Berkeley Springs, W. Va., convicted this week of animal cruelty. Animal waste was six inches deep on the floor and there were hundreds of bags of garbage in the house. Why would anyone live like that?

To John Howard, Washington County's new economic development chief, for acknowledging that many local residents are underemployed, and could handle tougher jobs.

To Franklin County. Pa.'s VisionQuest, for announcing they would attempt to rebuild relationships with neighbors, then saying they'd have to wait a month before the details of "how" would be released.

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