New trading cards promote fire safety

October 17, 1997


Staff Writer

Move over Hack Wilson and Honus Wagner - the new Halfway Volunteer Fire Company trading cards are about to become a "hot'' item for collectors.

Or at least that's the hope of safety-minded firefighters at the fire company.

"So far, we have three full-color cards available for collecting and trading,'' said Doug DeHaven, Halfway's deputy fire chief.

Depicted are an engine, a quick response unit and an ambulance which the company runs on emergency calls.

The cards, which are the same size as baseball trading cards, will be distributed to participants of educational programs taught by the fire company, DeHaven said.

Additional cards, which will be released at the rate of two per year, will show other equipment, pictures of fire company officers, award winners and other subjects, he said.


Realistically, DeHaven said, he suspects the cards may not be as sought-after as baseball heroes of the past and present. Still, the idea of collecting and trading could catch on and help promote safety at the same time.

"There is a safety message on the back of each card,'' DeHaven said. For fire equipment enthusiasts, there is also a detailed description of the unit that is pictured.

Safety topics include testing smoke detectors, wearing seat belts in vehicles and using care while cooking in the home.

"We are limiting the number of cards we print so they will have more value to collectors,'' DeHaven said.

Not a new idea, the trading cards are being used in other areas of the country and are enjoying success, he said, adding it's the first time in this area.

Choice Marketing out of Ashton, Pa., is making up the cards for Halfway, using photos they submit.

"We also have a line of thank you postcards with pictures of the fire hall and the fire equipment,'' DeHaven said.

For more information on the program, call 301-582-2223.

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