October 15, 1997

"If the prisoners in the prisons had to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you can believe that there would be lawsuits. What's up with Boonsboro? Come on, our kids deserve better than the inmates down at the jail. Get real!"

"I'd like to know if The Herald-Mail could run a list of all the representatives and delegates that voted for the seat belt law? It would be appreciated."

"Is there an alternative place to take our kids come Halloween night such as a church party or get together? Anything except the word Halloween. Thank you Mail Call."

"Holy smokes Rowland - from the looks of all the cards and letters I'd say you really did it this time. The next time you decide to bust on someone, I'd like to suggest 1.) find someone a little less sensitive, 2.) make sure they know the meaning of the word 'satire' and, 3.) make sure their wives have a sense of humor. Now I realize that the third condition is really going to narrow your choices so I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. If you decide to do a piece on some group I belong to, I won't call to complain or write any nasty letters. I promise."


"If anyone has a location for senior citizens to get free flu shots please call it in."

"For Charlie Reese. He doesn't want to allow morons to vote. Why would he want to disadvantage himself?"

"When is the noise ordinance in the City of Hagerstown or Washington County going to apply to the emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks? I think they're way beyond the means of signaling people to get out of their way. In fact, it's so aggravating that most people don't want to get out of their way because it is so aggravating. I think you should bring the sound level back to normal."

"I'd like to second that nomination of John Pepple for mayor of Smithsburg."

"Mail Call readers, please secure some addresses to publish in the Mail Call that we can write to "60 Minutes'' and their sponsors so that we can write to them about Andy Rooney's program on Promise Keepers last Sunday."

"Unnecessary overdevelopment along Md. 65 is going to cause heavy traffic and congestion therefore, I suggest that the MVA be moved back to Hagerstown."

"I'm sitting here reading Mail Call in tonight's paper and today is Tuesday. I work at the Boonsboro High School and around the cafeteria area there and all I can say is that everybody is complaining about these kids not eating but that's not our problem. If you people would instill a little bit of responsibility into your kids, we wouldn't have to deal with this. As far as I'm concerned, they were lucky to get the darn peanut butter sandwich."

"Hey, what's the big deal with children eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at Boonsboro schools? If the parents would pay their bills the school system wouldn't have to resort to this sort of tactics. Maybe it's the parents that are at fault because they aren't paying their bills. Pay up parents!"

"This is in reference to the Boonsboro schools choosing not to feed the children when they forget their lunch money. I have a better suggestion. I'm a teacher in Washington County, why don't you just give them bread and water instead of peanut butter? You might as well if you're just going to give them peanut butter and milk. I mean, don't stretch the budget, don't break anyone's back. You know, that's the problem. I just wanted to let my feelings out."

"Yes. This is about the house on Leroy Street that was burned and the lady died in that house fire. We, the people of the West End that ride around it every day, we are getting so tired of looking at it. I wish the city would do something, cover it up or tear it down. The weeds in that yard, you want to complain about everybody else and give them fines for not taking care of the weeds in their yards but you let this one go. I think the city should stop and look and realize that it's hurting all of us and I for one can't stand it anymore. I'm just so tired of looking at that house. Please do something about it."

"I'm glad that the mall's coming but what about the Sharpsburg Pike? I haven't seen anything about the construction of that. Obviously they have to fix the road there. They're going to have to widen it and 13,000 cars a day extra at the Sharpsburg Pike intersection and 70? what are they - out of their minds?"

"This is in response to all of those who are so outraged by the Boonsboro Elementary School lunch program where if a kid forgets his lunch money they get peanut butter sandwiches. Well, I'm a teacher in another school here in Washington County and I know for a fact that when a kid forgets their money it takes forever for the parents to send in money to cover that lunch and schools don't have a lot of money to pay for those lunches and this is probably why Boonsboro adopted this policy. So to Boonsboro Elementary School lunch program I say hurrah!"

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