October 14, 1997

"This is in reference to the children who do not receive lunches if they forget their lunch money. Maybe it's time that we make sure that the principal and the mayor of Boonsboro don't receive their pay checks and so that they can receive just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's a shame that the people on welfare and the inmates of the correctional facilities can get a good lunch and our children can't for one day due to the fact that they forget their lunch money. Maybe everyone forgets that being a child, you do forget sometimes. Thank you."

"Yes. If you'd call the Commissioner of Corrections, Mr. Richard Landrum, he could tell you how to feed as person a dietary meal and maybe then the children of Boonsboro Elementary School who forget their lunch money would have a balanced meal like an inmate instead of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."


"Yes. We as taxpayers think the Boonsboro Elementary kids should all forget their lunch money and have a peanut butter sandwich. I'm sure that if they run out of peanut butter, if they'd go over to Roxbury, MCTC or MCI Correctional Institute, I'm sure that there's much being wasted over there and the inmates have plenty. Thank you."

"I think it's a disgrace that the school lunch option is even being considered. We are not a third world nation and all our children deserve a hot lunch whether they forgot their money that day or not. What I think we need to start looking at is the decision makers who apparently have their judgment clogged with ignorance. We need to change that. Thanks."

"I would like to thank the Board of Education for their fine selection of the new band director at North Hagerstown High School. I think we have a fine young fellow who will continue the tradition of an outstanding music program at the high school and I look forward to working with him over the 3 years that I have remaining associated with North Hagerstown High School. So welcome aboard and to the band, hold your heads up high and practice hard going into states."

"Bad news sells newspapers so is that why we get all the criminal reports on the front page? There are a lot of good people who should get some recognition. Thank you."

"Hi. This is in regards to the breast cancer page. It was really nice to see that but I find it very tacky that on the page next to it you have the funeral directories and cemeteries. Thank you."

"This is in regards to the person who made a comment that he believes Janet Reno will soon fall on her own sword much like Ron Brown. It was in Oct. 9, 1997, Thursday's Daily Mail issue. What an idiot! What does he mean, fall on her own sword much like Ron Brown? Ron Brown was killed in a plane accident trying to bring revenue to the United States. What the heck?"

"As a family member of a breast cancer survivor, I am appalled at what you had next to the very lovely signature page for the breast cancer survivors. It was the funeral directories. That was so sweet of you. Here these poor women that have survived this horrible disease had to look at it and then look next to it and see funeral directors. What were you all thinking? That's pretty obvious, you weren't think and I think it would be a nice gesture on the Herald-Mail's part to reprint that page with something nice next to it. It was very disturbing to the family member who come up to look at the page and then looked over to see the funeral directories. That's the last thing a cancer patient wants to see. I think the Herald-Mail owes these people an apology. Thank you."

"Down with the new stadium and up with the NASCAR track."

"Hi. To the Mail Caller worried that all these Halloween decorations will lead to the worship of the devil. She ought to remember that America was founded on the idea of freedom of religion. Americans are free to worship any god, any animal, anything they want to and not her or anyone else has the right to tell people who they can worship. So if you don't like the Halloween decorations, stay in the house until it's over!"

"This is a message to warn people of door-to-door salesmen that are selling vacuum cleaners. I'm referring to a company that sells $1,900 vacuum cleaners. These people are using a bait and switch tactic where they pull you in and then they switch your original agreement. I'm now taking action against this company and I want to recommend that anyone who is being solicited by this vacuum company or whatever, that they are con-artists and you don't want to get involved with them. It's a messed up situation and the vacuum's not worth the money. Thank you."

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