Bester Elementary School is now safer too

October 14, 1997


Staff Writer

A traffic congestion problem that caused worries about the safety of students at Bester Elementary School last year was practically eliminated Monday when officials opened a new loading zone at the school.

Parents typically crowded into the busy Memorial Boulevard school in the morning and afternoon. When the parking lot became snarled by autos, children hopped from their cars and darted through the traffic.

"Every day, I would get home and say, `I don't know how a kid didn't get hurt,'" said parent Dodie Green, who complained to school officials about the problem.


On Monday, parents had to start using a designated lane for dropping off and picking up students.

The lane allows about six cars at a time to unload students, said Green, a member of the school's Citizens Advisory Committee who worked on finding a solution to the congestion.

Only about one or two cars at a time could unload students before, Green said.

The new plan went without a hitch on its first day as students and parents smoothly made their way through the school property to the loading zone.

The congestion was so bad last year that parents would be stopped in the intersection of Potomac Street and Memorial Boulevard waiting to enter the Bester property, school officials said.

On Monday, traffic never spilled out into the road. "That's success to me," said Assistant Principal Tim Abe.

The $22,000 project was completed last Thursday.

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