Youth's penalty suspended in sex attack case

October 09, 1997

A 12-year-old boy who forced another youth to perform oral sex on him at knifepoint was given a suspended commitment Wednesday to the New Dominion youth facility in Allegany County, Md.

Assistant Washington County State's Attorney Susan Lochbaum told Washington County Circuit Judge John H. McDowell she was concerned because there was no indication of remorse.

"A weapon was used when he forced another child to perform (oral sex) at knifepoint," Lochbaum said.

She said she was mainly concerned that the boy get sex offender counseling.

A Department of Juvenile Justice investigation revealed that an X-rated video was found in the home of the boy's mother where he was living at the time of the attack.

A caseworker said the boy admitted viewing the video.

McDowell said he believed that exposure to pornography may have had some bearing in this case, given the extreme youth of the defendant.


The victim's mother wrote a letter for the victim impact statement but she also spoke in open court Wednesday.

"My son and I want to be sure this never happens to anyone else," the mother said. "We live in a society where there are no consequences and we want him to get help."

McDowell placed the child on indefinite supervised probation and ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Counseling was ordered as was regular school attendance.

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