Committee selling bricks to pave square

October 07, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

MERCERSBURG, Pa. - The center square in Mercersburg is an oval ringed by old concrete sidewalks that the borough government wants to replace with brick pavement that it doesn't have money to buy.

The council's beautification committee is trying to raise the estimated $125,000 it will cost to buy and lay the 22,000 bricks needed for the project.

The committee, headed by Betty Stenger of Linden Avenue, came up with a plan to sell monogrammed bricks to finance some of the cost.


Individuals pay $50 for each engraved brick. Popular engravings include the names of living and deceased loved ones, the names of grandchildren, high school classes, organizations, clubs and church groups.

The bricks will be laid in equal-numbered groups in each quadrant of the square, according to the number of bricks sold, Stenger said. If 600 are sold. each quadrant would have 150 bricks, she said.

So far the committee has sold 532 bricks. There is no goal, Stenger said.

"Selling 22,000 bricks would be grand, but we just want to sell as many as we can," she said.

The bricks have become popular with residents who have moved out of town and want a reminder of their past, Stenger said. "Sales will pick up in December. They make nice Christmas presents," she said.

Several downtown businesses are displaying the bricks in their storefronts.

Brick sales and other fund-raisers have brought in about $80,000 for the project so far, Stenger said. She doesn't know where the rest of the money will come from.

"We'll have to sell more bricks and come up with new fund-raisers," she said.

Bids for the project will go out in November and will be opened in December, Stenger said.

Construction will begin in early March and be completed by Memorial Day, she said.

The square renovation project also includes replacing the existing street lights with eight reproduction Victorian units. The lights cost $2,800 each, Stenger said. The local women's club bought two, First National Bank of Mercersburg bought one, and five individuals bought the rest, she said.

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