Sharpsburg wants to put brakes on speeders

October 07, 1997


Staff Writer

SHARPSBURG - The Sharpsburg Town Council voted Monday night to spend $1,000 to crack down on speeding through the town.

The only way to stop speeding on Main Street is to step up enforcement, Mayor George Kesler told the council.

But that extra enforcement will cost the town $16 an hour for additional deputy time, Kesler said.

Acting on a motion from Councilman Russell Weaver, the council voted to earmark $1,000 for extra police patrols during a 30-day period.

Scheduling of the speeding patrols will depend on when the Washington County Sheriff's Department determines they are most needed, Kesler said.


The town shares a resident deputy with Keedysville and nearby areas of southern Washington County, he said.

Under the town's agreement with the county, Resident Deputy John Martin dedicates 15 hours a week to Sharpsburg.

The sheriff's department is conducting a survey to monitor traffic volume and speed through town, said Martin, who said he started the survey last week.

Martin said he made speed checks from a marked car on four mornings.

He said he'll be doing more speed checks from an unmarked car at other times of the day to figure out when extra patrols would do the most good.

From what he's seen so far - and judging by the fact that there aren't many accidents in the town - Martin said he doesn't think Sharpsburg has a worse speeding problem than other towns.

But Sharpsburg officials said they want motorists to know speeding won't be tolerated in their town.

The town won't be able to offset the extra expense by catching more speeders, because the revenue from tickets goes to the state, Kesler said.

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