Three more cinemas coming to Pa.

October 02, 1997


Staff Writer, Chambersburg

SCOTLAND, Pa. - Three new movie theaters that will seat up to 600 people are being added to Carmike Cinemas IV in the Chambersburg Mall.

Construction on the nearly $600,000 addition is under way and is expected to be completed by March, according to a spokesperson at the company's headquarters in Columbus, Ga.

Advanced Construction Services of Pittsburgh is the general contractor hired by Carmike to build the addition.

The theater now holds about 800 people with four screens.

But theater Manager Bill Henry said that's not enough to keep up with the crowds, especially during the peak seasons - summer and the holidays.


Local moviegoers also are missing out on some good flicks since selection is limited with only four screens.

"There's a lot of movies that don't get played here because there's not enough theaters," Henry said.

Though more movies will be available, Henry said the viewing schedule will probably remain the same, which includes two showings of each movie in the evenings, except during the busy seasons.

"There's not too much demand here for movies during the afternoon," he said.

The addition of three more screens will mean more jobs at the theater, but Henry said he doesn't know yet how many openings will be available.

Chambersburg Mall officials said they welcome the addition because it will attract more people.

"Any new tenant or expanding tenant helps the mall and generates more traffic," said Ron Formosa, general manager of the mall off Interstate 81.

Carmike Cinemas is the biggest motion picture exhibitor in the country, with more than 500 theaters totaling 2,500 screens in 33 states, according to the company spokesperson.

Carmike also owns the four-screen theater at Southgate Shopping Center in downtown Chambersburg.

The company plans to build 316 theaters this year at a cost of $100 to $175 million. Carmike added 105 screens last year.

More than 70 million people saw movies at Carmike theaters in 1996.

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