City employees will receive bonus

September 25, 1997


Staff Writer

To maintain credibility with their employees, Hagerstown Council members approved on Tuesday night giving about 360 city employees a one-time $350 bonus in their paychecks.

The only employees who won't receive the bonus are city police who are members of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3373, said City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman.

City officials negotiated several union contracts in recent years based on future financial projections that the city would be tight on funds, Zimmerman said.


Therefore, those union members conceded to lower wage increases and nonunion city employees only received a 2 percent raise last year, said Eric Marburger, city personnel manager.

With a surplus bigger than expected for the fiscal year that ended June 30, city officials wanted to give some of that money back to their employees to maintain credibility, said Councilman Lewis Metzner, who chaired Tuesday night's meeting.

The total surplus hasn't been determined yet, said City Finance Director Al Martin.

More than $130,000 will go to the one-time bonuses, Martin said. That's only a portion of the surplus, which included savings from snow removal costs due to last year's mild winter, he said.

Police union members won't receive the bonuses because they just received a new contract and got the best deal they could, Marburger said. There are 69 Local 3373 members, including patrol and investigative officers. Supervisory police officers, who are not union members, will receive the bonuses, he said.

The one-time bonus was one of two items council members originally were scheduled to discuss behind closed doors, but voted to move onto the public meeting's agenda.

The other subject was for the council members to approve giving the Washington County Sports Foundation staff support until they hire a new executive director.

Metzner said there was no reason the public shouldn't know about those matters.

Both matters were approved by 4-0 votes.

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