Letters to the editor

September 24, 1997

Will you back Mosby's resolve with your dollars?

To the editor:

Some time ago, Lenzlea Mosby of Mosby's market on Jonathan Street took a stand against alcohol and cigarettes in his community by refusing to sell them.

Crowds gathered as he poured the booze out on the street. But taking a stand costs. Now Mosby stands to lose his home and his business, perhaps within the month because his income has slid down so low.

Those of you who were there cheering at the pour-out, have you been back? How often? Our family committed to buying its week's supply of milk from Mosby's store.


He makes sure that he stocks enough and on our part, we go out of our way to get it and pay a little bit more.

If each person in the Christian community bought one thing, once a month, Mosby might succeed. Our family thinks that it is worth it to keep that kind of integrity in our community.

Ellen M. Wright


Approve zoning and bar the dump

To the editor:

Zoning has become a hot topic in St. Thomas Township. It is even hotter after the latest supervisors meeting when residents learned zoning is an effective tool in stopping the proposed Multilee landfill. Many residents signed the anti-zoning petition unaware of this fact and are now second guessing their decision. Some residents are saying that other local ordinances already in effect will stop the landfill. Wishful thinking! Local development ordinances challenged in court have been found to be ineffective. However, zoning ordinances have been overwhelmingly upheld in court.

If you don't think that zoning will stop the dump, look who was the first to sign up to speak at the public hearing on zoning. None other than the applicant himself, Harold Brake, who said now is not the time to zone the township.

Of course it isn't the right time if you want to put in a dump. Brake also said to test the existing ordinances. Could it be that his high paid lawyers are telling him he'll beat the existing ordinances but that zoning will stop his dump?

There are nearly 4,000 names on the petition opposing the Multilee landfill. It's time to tell the rich and powerful to start supporting the little folks. Let's approve zoning and dump the dump.

Laurie Rice

Chambersburg, Pa.

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