Mail call

September 24, 1997

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I think there's something wrong with our judicial system because as of Oct. 1 there will be zero tolerance by the State Police or any other police agency if we do not wear a seat belt or when our windshield wipers are on and our headlights are not. However, if I were caught with a controlled dangerous substance such as marijuana or cocaine on my first offense all it would be was a slap on the wrist. This doesn't make sense. It's just one more instance where the law abiding person is handled more harshly than a larger offender."


"Could someone maybe share a recipe for marzipan that doesn't use eggs?"

"I'd like to wish Charlie Baker a happy 59th birthday and also to him and his wife a happy 37th anniversary."

"Congratulations must be extended to the Washington County Department of Social Services for easing the welfare rolls. The next order of business is to ease the number of public employees who are still on the dole. I can't imagine what all of these people are doing now that the number of people receiving welfare has dropped so dramatically."

"Now that we have to wear seat belts are they gong to next tell us how tight they have to be? And just in case, did they think about this? If someone walks up to your car on the driver's side and has a gun, if you didn't have the seat belt on you could at least jump to the other side and run the other way."

"Yes. I was calling about the seat belt law and I know we've always had one but I also thought we had freedom of choice but it looks like we're living in a communist country anymore. I do think that we ought to have the right to decide when we get into a car if we want to put on a seat belt or not. A passenger in my car, I'd like for them to try and have one on as a child in a car seat but me, I have a heart problem and it really bothers me to wear a seat belt. It cuts across my chest and bothers me. I think that we should have a freedom of choice. Thank you."

"Yes. About this seat belt law. I have a problem with wearing a seat belt and I think that I should be able to decide if I wear one or not. I can't breathe and I get headaches with one on. They make me feel confined and closed in. I have anxiety attacks with them on and I actually shake for hours after getting out of the car. I feel that I should have a choice on this matter and if anyone knows if I can get a medical excuse or something to allow me this choice, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you.

"This message is to the State and the misguided environmentalist: Hands off my car!"

"I'm calling in about the seat belt laws. They do save lives."

"I'm calling about the person complaining about the seat belts. You're absolutely right. It is your right not to wear a seat belt. It's also your right for your head to go smashing through the windshield and it's also your right for you to go smashing into the dash. It's also your right to be ejected from your car and killed. You're absolutely right, it's your right."

"I'm just sitting here thinking about the person who won the lottery out here in the Halfway area. I mean, I heard that he hasn't worked for over two years and something seems like it's fishy for someone who hasn't worked for over two years. If he's on any kind of government assistance and hasn't worked, that means as a taxpayer I bought those lottery tickets. Well, if this is the case, I'd like to know where I pick up my share of the money? Probably all the other taxpayers would like to know, too. Thank you very much."

"In reference to the multiracial individuals who want a box saying just human race on all official documents. That would get rid of all the need for all the special things that they get that my white children don't get. All those special benefits."

"Whoever wrote in about the Yankees, well, let me tell you one thing. The only way they'll win this year is by hiring some kid to catch the ball and cheat again like they did last year. They should have lost that game to the Orioles and I don't care who says the Orioles belong in the series and they will make it this year. I'll eat anybody's hat if they don't."

"I'm sitting here watching the Orioles game and though I'm an Orioles fan, I'm glad they're winning. It just drives me nuts the way the sportscaster talks about Randy Johnson because he is an outstanding pitcher but then when he starts messing up, they cut him down. I'm glad the Orioles are winning but I just get tired of the contradictions."

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