Letters to the editor

September 24, 1997

From here, the roads look fine

To the editor:

All the people who participated in and watched the 135th Battle of Antietam re-enactment owe all who worked to put it together a huge debt of gratitude. An especially big thank you goes to the Artz family for providing the site. This was truly a remarkable event.

In today's paper, one person was quoted as saying that, since Washington County is such a Civil War hub, better roads are needed. As a West Virginia resident, I find the Maryland roads to be excellent. What would be more helpful is more group transportation to these special events.

I had hoped to find convenient park-and-ride type transportation, perhaps from Ferry Hill. Had I known of such a service, I would have used it.


Again, thank you to all who made this past weekend so memorable.

Sally W. Snyder

The only real choice

To the editor:

In response to Craig Johnson's letter of August 19, I am beginning to understand the mantra of "bad choice" that so many people espouse today regarding sexual orientation.

Speaking with my straight male friends, a connubial relationship with another man is out of the question. Likewise it's true for my gay male friends and a woman, my lesbian friends and a man, and my straight female friends and a lesbian.

But there is that group of people that both the straight and gay community seem to ignore, and that is the bisexual community, for it is only they that truly have a choice.

And just perhaps there are more latent bisexual people than we have ever imagined, especially those who continue to accuse others of making a "bad choice," when in actuality they wish they could have the nerve to make an "honest choice" for themselves.

Martin Rice

Kapa`a, Hawaii

Walking would be faster than mail

To the editor:

A letter containing a check to pay for reserving four seats on a bus trip was mailed in Hagerstown on August 23. The deadline for paying the bus company was August 30. The letter was addressed to my former address.

I had notified the post office one week before we moved, of our new address. The only change in the address was the number and street; Hagerstown and the and the zip remained the same.

Today is September 2 and I still do not have that check.

I checked with Hagerstown post office lost mail section on August 26 and was told that the address change is not made at the Hagerstown office. The mail is sent to Frederick for the change and it takes six to 10 days for the mail to be returned.

Isn't the modernization of the post office efficient and marvelous? In 1860, the Pony Express rode 1,966 miles from St. Joseph, Mo., to Sacramento, Ca., in just 11 days and delivered the mail. Hagerstown to Hagerstown, a distance of 12 blocks has not been delivered in 10 days. Even walking would have been faster.

T. Brewer


135th was well-designed, well-organized

To the editor:

I want to congratulate the event sponsors and the residents of the Hagerstown area on the success enjoyed during the 135th Antietam (Sharpsburg) re-enactment.

As a participant I have never enjoyed a more organized and exciting event.

The facilities were well-maintained, the battlefields well-designed and camps well-located.

Your coverage of each day's events was superb, providing details of the weekend from every perspective and the photography will help preserve the event for many years to come.

Many thanks to everyone involved for providing such an inspiring event.

If the spectators enjoyed it one-tenth as much as the re-enactors, you can consider it a total success.

Pvt. Jack Ferguson

1st Texas, Co. L

Urbanna, Va.

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