Mail call

September 24, 1997

"Hi, I'm a resident of High Street in Hagerstown and my concern is that the neighbors should keep their nose to themselves and stay out of everybody's business. Thank you."

"Yes. The Clear Spring Middle School teachers are the pits. They've decided this year instead of the teachers helping pick a student senate all the other children have to write an essay to five other students and these five students will pick the student senate. I think our teachers in this county are grossly overpaid."

"As much as I love elderly people it must be recognized that the federal government desperately needs to establish a maximum driving age. Far too many elderly people simply do not possess the reflexes to drive any longer but they're still driving. They're a terrible danger to themselves and everyone else. This is an absolute and stern necessity."

"Yes. I found a missing ferret last week on Cumberland and Jefferson Street. If he is yours please call 301-766-4232."


"Emissions testing in Washington County is not a service to the greater good. It is a big expensive ripoff."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm calling about this scab that called in and complained about being harassed, being threatened and being stalked. Do you know that is exactly what you should expect when you cross a picket line?"

"In response to Red, Gordon - a legend in the making, don't make me laugh. What kind of legend in the making refused to be interviewed after the Dover race? Sounds like a sore loser to me. Good handle Red. Could it be because you're embarrassed? By the way, it's easy to win when you start on the pole but starting 32nd and finishing second, what were you saying about a legend? Any responses to this can be addressed to 'not easily intimated'. Thank you."

"I think the people in this town especially, should be outraged by the headlines in the paper. I can't believe the prison system in this state would give a convicted murderer a weekend pass unsupervised. I think that the sheriff out there in Montana ought to sue the state prison system for everything they got. I think that is outrageous. Thank you."

"Memo to Cal Ripken. You are 13 for 84 in your last 24 games. Your back is hurting and you're hurting the team. Why don't you think of somebody else other than yourself and your streak. Give me a break - sit out a game. Thank you."

"Hi. I'd like to wish Ryan May a happy birthday on Sept. 25. Love grandma and mommy. Thank you."

"About the temps at Rotorex that are being threatened and so forth. They should be. Anybody that crosses a picket line should be threatened or whatever other means need to be taken. Thank you."

"Yes. I just want to tell Joann M. a happy anniversary. Three years. I wish we could have shared it together. Maybe the fourth. I love you. Jim."

"Hi Mail Call. I have a white canister set and I'm looking for green ivy decals for on them. If anyone knows where I can get them please call Mail Call and let me know. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you."

"I notice that we have another anonymous Lottery winner and I think this is a very bad idea. We need to find out when these people win a large sum of money whether they are deadbeat dads or possibly a criminal who has been on the lam for awhile or if they, as this man has been, on unemployment for awhile and if there is any provision for him to repay any funds he may have received while he was on unemployment. I think this anonymous play is designed to frustrate any creditor that might be looking for the person in question. I know that the excuse is that people don't want to be bothered by relatives or long lost friends who want to put the arm on them for a loan but this is a very bad policy that needs to be corrected. Thank you."

"I would like to thank everyone on school bus 28C for making my day. You're the best. I'll be waving at you!"

"Yes. This is to the caller that thinks Hagerstown is a redneck town. Wrong! I guess the caller thinks that we should take history lessons about wars out of school books too? And about NASCAR racing, it's one of the fastest growing spectator sports that there is and if you think it wouldn't bring money to our county, you're wrong again. Just try to get a motel room or stay at a campground within 100 miles of a NASCAR race track. Let's see, you don't like history, NASCAR racing, lowlifes, Oriole fans or Redskin fans - why don't you move out of town?"

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