Thumbs up, thumbs down

September 24, 1997

To the late Laurence Lloyd of Charles Town, W.Va., a longtime weather observer, a master of Morse code and a fine gentleman, in a era when we have too few of those.

To Charlie R. Rowe of Clear Spring, who's barbecued at least 6,000 chickens a year for 12 years for a variety of charitable causes. He charges nothing for his labor, and says he does it because he just like to help people.

To Michael Gossard, who volunteered to serve on the Mont Alto Borough Council at a time when it's been tough to get citizens to run for office there. As councilman Robert Rock said, it's a civic duty.

To U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson and his fellow Republicans, who tried to link the White House to illegal financing of a union election without proof, then had to back-pedal. Wasn't this the guy who pledged to prove a Chinese connection?


To Hagerstown City Police, for conducting anti-drug and prostitution raids in response to citizen calls for greater enforcement. We hope the citizen support for such activities continues.

To the U.S. government, which spent $333,000 to build a two-hole outhouse in Delaware Water Gap National Park. the earthquake-proof facility is painted with $78-a-gallon epoxy paint, and feature slate roof and cedar siding.

To Ovidiu Scumpieru and an unidentified man who captured a knife-wielding juvenile who allegedly tried to rob a Falling Waters, W.Va. convenience store. Thanks, guys.

To the Williamsport Ministerium and all who participated in the annual Harvest Hoedown Oct. 4, which collected 6,000 pounds of food for area food banks, along with a number of cash donations. Thanks to all who helped.

To the estimated 250 participants in the Oct. Heart Walk in downtown Hagerstown. More than $25,000 was raised for educational programs and heart disease research.

To a Knoxville group seeking permission to turn the Downsville Pike Moose Lodge into a large bingo hall. It's time for a law reserving bingo for fire and rescue companies who need the revenue for lifesaving operations.

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