Mail call

September 24, 1997

"This is a previously disgruntled customer of the Hagerstown Water and Sewer Department and I'm calling in to thank them today for the wonderful service provided by Bill the fieldman who detected a leak, showed up extremely quick when I called and Mitch who works in the office and I just wanted to say thanks to two guys that did a great job."

"It was overheard by many people that the 135th Anniversary Re-enactment of the Antietam Battle at the Artz farm was just a tremendous success. Everybody who served on the committee deserves a round of applause. We ought to get these people to maybe take care of some of our problems in government cause they were terrific."

"I see no mention in the article on the Williamsport Blue Band Alumni of the person who organized the so-called Blue Band many years ago and led it for years and years and years and his name was Harry Kipe. Man, I think it's sad that you don't even mention him. He also got the Alumni started, too."


"I was just wondering if anyone knows of a collector of the old Duz drinking glasses that used to come in the detergent boxes? If anyone is interested or knows of anybody that might be, please call back in with maybe your name and number. Thanks a lot."

"Hi. I would like to wish my granddaughter Toni Webb a happy birthday on Sept. 24. Love you, Minny."

"I'm calling about the lady complaining about her ex-husband's wife writing out and sending child support checks. I'm one of those people who also write out child support checks to my husband's ex-wife. Let me tell you something sweetheart, you should be glad she's doing it. Maybe if it was left up to your ex-husband he wouldn't get the job done at all. I'd be thanking her instead of complaining about it."

"I was wondering whatever happened to the Whitewater investigation? I'm sure it's still costing the taxpayers a lot of money."

"I'd like to wish my wife Mary a happy birthday on Sept. 23 from her loving husband Bob."

"To the caller whining about getting child support checks from his new wife. Quit whining and just be glad you're getting a check at all."

"Sometimes you really have to wonder about these people calling into Mail Call and what planet they're actually on. It sure can't be earth. The lady that's complaining about getting a support check is out of this world. It never ceases to amaze me what people will complain about. If she wasn't getting a check would be one thing but to complain because of who writes the darn thing out is unbelievable. As long as you get a check, who cares who the heck writes it out? If it was made out by Social Services would you complain? Probably. You sound like someone who would complain about winning the million dollar lottery. If it really bothers you so much, send it back. Do the guy a favor and just send it back. I'm sure he wouldn't complain. Or better yet, send it to me and I'll use it. I don't care who it's signed by and I could use it."

"Let the owner of the Suns ball team furnish his own stadium. Down with the new stadium!"

"To the lady who has a problem with her ex-husband's wife writing out her child support checks. 1) Get over your ex-husband. I think you're just jealous and 2) at least you're getting your child support and last, go find yourself a new man. I think that may be your problem."

"I'm just calling in response to the person that called in regards as to why the city is spending $1,000-$1,500 each for benches where they could go to like Lowe's and get them for $25-$40. They need a place for the drug dealers, prostitutes and degenerates to sit and they want it to be nice. It's very simple. Why else would you spend all that money that they are spending on the Square unless you want to give the drunks and vagabonds, prostitutes and drug dealers some place nice to go? That's about it."

"Dennis Frye's attitude seems a little abrasive. I wonder if he knows the difference between pushing and shoving?"

"I'm calling to respond to the lady who is complaining that her ex-husband's new wife is writing out her child support checks. Instead of complaining she needs to be very lucky that she's getting the checks at all because there's an awful lot of women out there who aren't getting theirs. So maybe she should just shut up and thank her lucky stars."

"I'm calling and I'm crippled. I was just out at Wal-Mart a couple of days ago to get an oil filter for my car and there was a young man working in automotives named Gary. I'd just like to thank him for helping me with everything that I needed. He was more than helpful and I'd just like to thank him."

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