400 attend county day camp program

September 23, 1997


Staff Writer

More than 400 children attended Washington County's summer play camp program this year, more than double the number that had been projected at the beginning of the summer.

The increase in participation helped the six-week, $90-per-child program nearly break even. The program lost $6,284, compared to a loss of $67,000 in 1994, when the program was free.

"I am very pleased at the turnout," said Recreation Superintendent Stacey McLeran.

McLeran said much of the increase in participation came in the days before the program started.

The number of children participating was lower than the 519 who participated last year, 833 in 1995 and 1,106 in 1994.


McLeran blamed price increases for the declining enrollment.

The camps were free in 1994, but cost $12 in 1995 and $36 in 1996. The fees were instituted in an attempt to make the program pay for itself.

The six-week day camp now costs the equivalent of $3 per day, which McLeran said was a good deal compared to what other counties charge and to the cost of day care.

The camps were held in Boonsboro, Halfway, Clear Spring and Sharpsburg. That was down from 12 camp sites in 1994.

A separate sports camp for youth at Martin L. "Marty" Snook Memorial Park in Halfway inaugurated this year sold out, she said. The $50, two-week day camps in volleyball, tennis, soccer and basketball attracted the maximum 30 children for each. That program lost about $1,000, she said.

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