Waynesboro Home lyrics

September 21, 1997|By Steve Engle

Our Waynesboro Home

For the Waynesboro, Pa. Bicentennial 1997

Part 1: I still hear the voices of the children of summer their seasons of play sound a lot like my own. While soft in the distance the Town Clock chimes the hours that measure the days in Our Waynesboro Home.

Part 2:

How bright on the mountains an afternoon in Autumn, rich harvest of light all along Buchanan's Trail. And out on the gridiron the school band is playing Fall anthems of hope for the "Tribe" to prevail.

Part 3:

Soft on the Valley the first snow is falling, recalling fond seasons from winters ago. And let us remember all those gone before us who sleep on the hills `round Our Waynesboro Home.



Welcome trav'ler, it's good to have you with us! On this festive occasion, welcome back among your own! And let us all join together in grand celebration for two hundred years of our Waynesboro Home.

End: (spoken)

Happy Birthday, Waynesboro.

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