STDs - How to protect yourself

September 19, 1997


How to protect yourself

Abstain from sex or postpone first-time intercourse for as long as possible.

Know the signs and symptoms of the common STD, such as genital discharge, blister, sore or rash.

Have sex with only one person who only has sex with you.

Use a barrier, like a condom, and a spermicide containing nonoxynol-9 each time you have sex.

Tell your partner if you are showing signs or symptoms of STD, and don't have sex until you and your partner both are cured.

Go to a clinic or see a doctor right away if you or your partner have STD signs or symptoms.

Have a regular STD checkup by a clinic or doctor if you have more than one sex partner.

If you think you are pregnant, get a test for STD.


Have an annual Papanicolaou smear, or Pap smear, to determine whether the cervix contains cancerous cells from HPV.

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For information, call:

Washington County Health Department at 301-791-3237

Frederick County Health Department at 1-301-694-1733

Franklin County Health Department at 1-717-263-4143

Fulton County Health Department at 1-717-485-5137

Berkeley County Health Department at 1-304-263-5131

Jefferson County Health Department at 1-304-728-8415

Morgan County Health Department at 1-304-258-1513

All local services are free and confidential.

VD National Hotline at 1-800-227-8922.

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