Letters to the editor

September 18, 1997

County isn't so poor it must skimp on schools

To the editor:

Bob Maginnis in his column of Sept. 7 asks "Can we find the will to change our schools?" This question is asked in response to an independent curriculum and management audit that showed our schools were not doing what is needed to prepare individuals for life beyond graduation.

In many households there is tremendous involvement by parents with their children; however there are many households where involvement is less than needed with children.

When involvement is less than desired, this makes the role of the teacher difficult no matter how good the teacher is. I have said Washington County has not been competitive with neighboring counties in regard to teacher salaries for many years.


Theresa Flak, assistant superintendent for instruction, has this to say in regard to loss of veteran teachers in Washington County "The attrition rate (to other counties) is killing us and we can no longer lament the situation and refuse to do anything to ameliorate this."

My fervent belief is that we are not that poor in this county that we cannot offer competitive salaries with neighboring jurisdictions (counties) in Pennsylvania.

Maginnis asks: Do we as a community have the willpower to support our school system. Some might say the number one priority of newly appointed superintendent of schools (when he or she is named) is to correct the deficiencies of the audit. I do not think that goes far enough.

It is up to every citizen of the county to work with the superintendent to correct the deficiencies. Nothing worth accomplishing is ever done with sacrifice. We must all ask ourselves if we want a better school system or are we just paying lip-service to the idea.

We are losing our best and most veteran teachers to neighboring jurisdictions every year. I for one believe we as a community of citizens must stop this loss and take steps in this upcoming budget year to pay our teachers what other school systems will pay them.

We are not that poor in this county.

Meredith Fouche


Thanks so much

To the editor:

I would like to publicly thank the firemen who came to my aid recently during the flooding of my home. They were efficient, courteous, and caring people. Within a short while all was under control. I am most grateful to them.

Dolores Chepiga SSJ


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