Letters to the editor

September 15, 1997

Let's not blame today's students for low SAT scores

To the editor:

Our students' SAT scores have made little or no progress. There are lots of excuses from the school board and others, such as we don't have the facilities or materials or staffs.

And Mr. Clinton goes to a Maryland school, gets on national TV and tells us what we need are standardized (federal) tests for third graders and eighth graders. I say what need are standardized tests for teachers.

Instead of blaming the children or facilities or other excuses, let's start with those whose responsibility it is to teach.

Our youth are no less nor more intelligent than they ever were. If anything, they are more exposed to the world due to TV and the pervasive media. We have all experienced first hand what a good, competent, motivating, dedicated teacher or professor can do for us.


We learn from them and we learn to excel. Good teachers in one room school houses developed presidents and Rhodes scholars. Clinton is in debt to the teacher's union so he doesn't dare mention the teachers.

He blames the kids and says they need more testing. Such a cop out. Let's test the academicians at all levels. Once we are certain we have the best and brightest, pay them well and only then let's look at your youth.

Let's start at the top of the academic pyramid. Start with those responsible for teaching. Later, we can look at the students.

M.J. Taranto


Can Mack join to help the YMCA?

To the editor:

An open letter to our local YMCA, Mack Truck officials and all Washington County sports-minded fans and participants.

For one brief moment, close your eyes and envision our YMCA and Mack Trucks joining forces to help us realize a sports complex with year-long possibilities to include various YMCA activities, industrial conventions and professional sports in Washington County.

The local YMCA recently announced its search for a facility to expand their horizons into the year 2000.

Mack Trucks recently announced their intentions to sell unused land bordering Interstate 81 with a service road already in place and readily accessible to on/off ramps and also to reach three states easily.

Lastly for another moment, envision a billboard atop the Stadium illuminating the horizon of any passer-by to see these profound team words "Home of the Mack Bulldogs" (instead of the Suns) pronouncing that pride and prestige is rampant in this part of the county.

George Staley


City Park needs better policing

To the editor:

We have been wondering about the seeming lack of law enforcement in City Park at night. While this may not be the best time to bring up the subject, there was some recent extensive destruction there during the night, when the park should be empty of visitors.

We were told by some men in the park, during one of our walks, that many young people hang out in the park all night, and that they know exactly when the park guards leave in the evening.

We were also told that the cruisers do not drive into the park to check on things. We wonder why this is so, since there are many roads through there. Perhaps a foot patrol with dogs would work better. What can be done to address the problem?

My husband and I walk through the park often for exercise, and we notice all the hard work and expensive plantings that have been done by the maintenance crews.

It does not make any sense to make that expenditure only to have someone wreak havoc upon it after hours. City Park is one of the most beautiful places in Hagerstown and everyone should be proud of it. Waterfowl and property have been destroyed. What will be next? Will someone in authority please answer our questions and reassure everyone who loves the park that they care about it also.

Theo Bowers


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