Nonprofit groups fill coffers over weekend

September 15, 1997


Staff Writer

For the nonprofit groups that manned the concession stands at the Artz farm over the weekend, the commemoration of the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam proved to be the mother of all fund-raisers.

"From what I can gather, I'd say we did remarkably well," said Bill Graham, president of the North Hagerstown High School Athletic Boosters.

Graham estimated the group grossed between $30,000 and $35,000 in food sales. He said an army of 70 to 80 volunteers helped set up on Thursday and worked until the end of the event on Sunday.


If those initial projections hold up, Graham said it will be a highly successful fund-raiser. A deal with Dutch Concessions allows the club to keep 15 percent of the sales, he said. That will be used to buy athletic equipment and uniforms.

For a group used to fund-raisers that make a couple thousand dollars - "and that's a good one" - Graham said this weekend has been a dream.

It was also an outstanding money-maker for the Williamsport Blue Band Boosters, group members said.

"This was a great opportunity. We'll never have another one like it," said Sherry Benner, co-chair of the organization's ways and means committee.

Benner estimated the group grossed about $45,000 working with Kerch's Ribs & Chicken. In addition to normal expenses, she said the group is trying to raise $55,000 this year to pay for new uniforms, to replace the current ones that are 20 years old.

Co-chair Debbie Pappas said the re-enactment attracted thousands of captive customers. She added that it took every one of the 120 volunteers to handle the demand.

"We had a lot of volunteers from the band. We had long lines most of the weekend," she said.

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