Thumbs up, thumbs down

September 12, 1997

Thumbs up -To Ron Stansbury, who headed up Washington County's tourism transition, for all his hard work, and for wisely knowing it was time to pass the leadership to someone else.

Thumbs up -To the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites, and for all the volunteers and corporate sponsors making this weekend's activities commemmorating the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam a reality.

Thumbs up -To the Richard K. Mellon Foundation, and the Conservation Fund, for acquiring 11.6 acres near Antietam Battlefield, so that it could be preserved forever.

Thanks for an everlasting gift.

Thumbs down - To CSX Corp., for estimating work to repair the Northern Avenue rail crossing in Hagerstown could close the road to traffic for up to two weeks. That's ridiculous; it wouldn't take two weeks to clear a full-blown train wreck.


Thumbs down - To Rep. Bud Shuster, R-Pa., who's pushing a wrong-headed $103 billion transportation bill that would undo the balanced-budget legislation Congress recently agreed to. Give it up.

Thumbs down - To. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, for his administration's proposal to allow bicyclists on some sections of interstate highways. It's not safe to change an automobile tire on the interstate, much less ride a bicycle there.

Thumbs up -To Caytie Smith, a Washington County ninth grader who's collecting hundreds of teddy bears for police to use when comforting children at accident scenes. May you get 1,000.

Thumbs up -To Hagerstown Councilman Wally McClure, for putting together a meeting to iron out differences between the State of Maryland and youth groups using the old armory on Potomac Street. The alternative is letting it stay empty.

Thumbs up -To hundreds of volunteers who assembled Tuesday in Berkeley, Morgan and Jefferson counties to help do good works during United Way's annual Day of Caring event.

Thumbs down - To Connecticut Judge James Kenefick Jr., for giving a driver who killed two teen-agers because he took his eyes off the road to take a sip of beer 400 hours of community service. The victims weren't the judge's kids, obviously.

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