County surplus glance

September 10, 1997

Washington County funds that ended the 1997 fiscal year with surpluses include:

* The general fund, with a surplus of $4.4 million to $4.7 million.

* The sewer fund, with a surplus of about $1 million, about $300,000 more than expected.

* The water fund had a surplus of about $415,000, or $94,000 more than expected.

* Black Rock Golf Course had a surplus of $178,401, attributed to increased rounds of golf played because of good weather and $48,000 in savings in the administration budget.

* The Washington County Regional Airport ended the year with a surplus of $68,263 due to savings on salaries and unanticipated grant money.


* The Solid Waste Department showed a surplus of $46,743. Although revenue came in $655,000 under budget, operating expenses were cut by $370,000 and capping of the Hancock landfill came in $330,000 under budget.

* The roads budget had a surplus of $461,396. User revenue and grants exceeded budget by $214,000 and operations dropped $247,000 because of low overtime pay for snow removal and the delaying of some road projects.

* The capital projects budget came in $350,000 under budget.

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