Thumbs up, thumbs down

September 05, 1997

To the late Princess Diana, for lending her celebrity to a number of charitable causes, including the fight against AIDS and the campaign to ban land mines. She'll be missed.

To all of the publishers, souvenir hawkers and video-collection producers now getting ready to make a buck off Princess Diana's death. What they deserve is to end up with their warehouses full of unsold merchandise.

To Hagerstown and Washington County officials who've worked out a consolidated sewer agreement they expect to sign Sept. 16. It's a start on the cooperation Maryland officials are pushing.

To Phoenix Color Corp. and all other Washington County businesses pledging money to get get the movie "Gods and Generals" made locally. Yes, it's a risk, but the economic-development benefits are worth it.


To Amtrak and Hancock officials who fed and sheltered more than 200 passengers in the town after a passenger forced evacuation of a train with a bomb threat.

To the person or persons who stole more than 100 exotic pigeons from a Franklin County man's collection. It's the second such theft this year, inspiring the owner to sleep on-site and patrol the area with a loaded shotgun.

To Washington County's school board, for its determination not to cover up the unflattering results of a management audit. Admitting flaws is the first step toward correcting them.

To the Norm Thompson mail-order clothing firm, which has offices in nearby Bardane, W.Va. for donating $800,000 worth of attire to West Virginia for distribution to flood victims and other needy persons in the state.

To Tri-State area motorists who are mistreating Brown-Ferris Industries garbage collectors by driving dangerously close to them when they're making pick-ups on foot.

To U.S. Rep. Ben Cardin, who bowed out of the race for Maryland's governorship, but couldn't resist questioning incumbent Parris Glendening's "political viability." Help him or run against him, but don't backstab him.

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