Plans laid out for Clear Spring facelift

September 03, 1997


Staff Writer

CLEAR SPRING - Plans for the town's 1999 facelift were laid out on the table at Tuesday night's town meeting.

And it won't just be a new road down the middle of town - there will be new sewer lines underneath, new sidewalks along the sides and even some trees and plantings in spots that had been only concrete.

Bill Park of the State Highway Administration told town officials that the work is scheduled to begin in April 1999. If all goes well, all the construction would be done on the three-block stretch of U.S. 40 and part of Md. 68 during the good weather.

"We hope to finish in mid-summer and then we get out of Dodge,'' Park said.

While the work is going on, traffic through town will be one way, first on the south side of the street and later on the north side of the street, Park said.


"We are funded for construction and the plan is that bids will go out in January 1999,'' Park said.

The town must complete its wish list by July 1, 1998, and that was a big part of the discussion Tuesday.

Talk centered around coordinating the work with installation of water meters within town limits, replacing metal grates along sidewalks and planting new trees.

Most existing trees will remain and not all sidewalks will be replaced, Park said.

Another big concern is getting the sewer work done at the same time. Jerry Henger, of Maryland Environmental Services, said that will be done, and will be funded by a grant to upgrade the town's aging sewer lines.

"It will be good if that happens because you only want to tear up the town once,'' Park said.

Park said he wanted town officials to understand that the work will be accompanied by dirt and inconvenience.

Councilman William Albowicz said he was concerned about the one-way traffic in the event of a wreck on Interstate 70 that would funnel traffic through the town.

Albowicz was assured that traffic would be moving in both directions when the construction work was completed for the day, according to Park.


CLEAR SPRING - Town elections are coming around and three two-year positions are up for grabs - mayor and two council seats.

The deadline for nominations for those positions is Monday, Oct. 6 at 9 p.m. Interested persons must file at Town Hall.

The election is Monday, Nov. 3, from 2 to 7 p.m. Anyone 18 and older who has resided within town limits for 30 days is eligible to vote in a town election.

Vice Mayor Julie Albowicz is planning to coordinate a kids' voting exercise during the election.

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