Maugansville celebrates pride day

August 31, 1997


Staff Writer

MAUGANSVILLE - Shirley Cunningham remembers when Maugansville Pride Day was just a small get-together for the families who lived in this small community north of Hagerstown.

"That was 17 years ago and look how it's grown,'' she said.

Saturday, there were events for all ages, food for all tastes, sunshine and heat for the hearty ... air conditioning and shade for the rest.

The events and the people trailed in and out of the Maugansville Community Building and onto the grounds of the Ruritan Park. There were even some picnickers set up along the roadside for lack of room in the park.


"We want to be consistent every year,'' said Mike Donley, chairman of the event. "We get more and more of the community involved each year and that pays off all year long.''

What he means by that is community spirit and pride so the whole process comes full circle.

Just ask Shirley Cunningham.

"At first, when I lived in Maugansville, I could name everybody in town,'' Cunningham said.

While that isn't the case anymore, the 27-year resident and her husband, Charles, still love their little community.

Her parents, P.J. and Thelma Pryor came to the activities at their daughter's invitation. For them, it's a great place to get some good food.

And to run into old friends, like Enid and Raymond Toms.

"We've been coming here for years,'' said Enid Toms. "We always come.''

Raymond Toms said it has been a good habit and they don't want to break it.

Thelma Pryor wanted to get home with her homemade pie, before it melted in the hot sun or she and P.J. would have stayed longer.

The crowd was huge. Vendors came Friday night and set up so they'd be ready for the crowd on Saturday, Donley said.

"This year the Boy Scouts are involved, the fire department is here, everybody's working together,'' he said.

Throughout the day, there was gospel music, country western music and all kinds of fun.

"The funds raised during the day will go to some particular need in the community,'' Donley said. In the past, that has been for equipment for the Maugansville Elementary School or medical aid for a family in need.

This year, the destination of the money has yet to be determined, Donley said.

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