Mail call

August 26, 1997

"I have a groundhog that lives under my shed in my backyard. Can someone tell me how to get rid of the groundhog without using a gun because I live in a development where you can't use guns. Thank you."

"Sharpsburg is the place where 18,000 soldiers died in the Civil War not Rench Road.''

"Yes, Bethel Assembly of God on Wilson Boulevard in Hagerstown has a very large, very active teen group. I also want to say that Tim Rowland's article for Monday, Aug. 25, was great, I loved it. I love it when you write about your cat. It is absolutely hilarious."

"Hello. Mail Call. In regards to the policemen's pension and raise. I would gladly go along with this, if and when, they closed down that race track called Northern Avenue. Thank you very much."

"I would like to let you know that I believe that they are seeding the clouds. Sunday as I was reading the article that you had in the paper about it, the clouds came over and right after that I heard the airplanes go over, too. I know that they are seeding the clouds. And the little girl wrote into you people telling that her daddy is seeding the clouds. So why would anybody not believe that and that is why we are not having the rain we should have. Somebody should do something about this."


"Hello Mail Call. About the fellows playing horseshoes in Chewsville, you can have fun without the bad language. Smithsburg doesn't want Tommy Bowers, maybe Chewsville should get him. I bet he would find other things going on, too. Have a good day."

"Since cars are private property and there are some risks of damage, I think that the emissions testing should be optional and not mandatory."

"Call 301-739-1726. That church has a wonderful youth program. Thank you a lot. Call the church."

"How can we stop these nuisance phone calls? After a day's work, you come home, you've got an answering service. You go to your answering service and somebody wants to sell you something. How do we stop these calls? Thank you."

"I can't believe that old relic Imus is coming to Hagerstown. He's not even funny. Howard Stern rules."

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