Mail call

August 26, 1997

"You people calling in about how great the union has been involving the UPS strike are fools. The union doesn't care about you one bit. All they want is your dues and then they play you like puppets. You seem so concerned about how much profit the company makes than what they do with it. How much money does a union make and what do they do with theirs?"

"I thought about the City Police and I think that the State of Maryland, if they got money enough to buy Woodmont Rod and Gun Club and give half of it back, they spent all that money on the water treatment plant which ain't worth a dime, and that plant down next to the stadium, that they done lost $250 million on, then they should give the City Police 25 years out and give them $100 a week bonus. Money well spent!"


"Regarding 'Car Crashes into Post Office.' First of all, Denise Cline is not a post office employee. That's just a post office station in there, it's just a convenience, it's not a post office per se."

"Hello. Could someone please explain this situation to me? Our County Commissioners are asking or think that they deserve a raise in salary because they work too hard. Well, they have privatized the golf course, they have privatized the Visitors and Convention Bureau and they want to privatize the sewage treatment plant and now they're trying to get out of the Housing Authority business. What are they trying do to, just get their pay for doing nothing? Just showing up? They don't deserve a pay raise, they deserve a pay cut up until next election and then they all deserve to be replaced. Then they'll all have to go out and find real jobs. Thank you."

"I just wanted to call and say that Monday's the happiest day of my life. The little darlings have gone back to school and it gives me a break. The parents leave them run all over all year long, buy them hundreds of dollars worth of toys to get them out of their hair and they're on other people's property and tearing the places up. Now they're back in school and the parents expect the teachers to deal with them after they have corrected them all summer long. Now the first week of school the teachers will be potty training the children, so they have a real job there, the second week they're prying pacifiers out of their mouths, and the third week they'll be taking their little cuddle blankets away. I think the teachers don't get enough money at all for all of this. Signed, Mr. Happy."

"I'm calling in reference to the sports section of the Daily Mail. Why is it that you have in the Morning Herald NASCAR information and various information about various drivers and yet the Daily Mail come out with absolutely nothing? It's a useless bit if they can't cover it in the sports and yet it's one of the biggest sports in the United States and if you have to buy two papers to find out what's going on, you might as well just get another paper that has the information. You're one that also very rarely ever covers the Busch Series which is also another big issue. So if they don't get shaped up before long, I'll switch papers somehow so that I can get the information. I doubt that you'll print this but thank you anyhow."

"Hello Mail Call. I'd like to wish my sister Margaret a happy birthday on the 28th and hope she has many, many more. Thank you."

"Hello Mail Call. It's nice to see the sidewalks and roads almost finished in Sharpsburg but why can't they put a decent sidewalk into the school? They have the money, let them spend it on that."

"I'd like to wish my son Timmy Parks Jr., a happy 10th birthday. Mom and dad love you very much and we're very proud of you."

"I'd like to wish my grandmother Connie Jenkins a happy 54th birthday on Aug. 27. From her grandson, David Paul."

"Mail Call, if all this cloud seeding is going on, why is it that when last year we had all that overabundance of rain that no one seeded the clouds then?"

"I'm just calling to say that Tuesday night a friend of mine got stabbed and I hope the girl that did it gets what she deserves. And Delanna, we hope you all get better. Bye."

"Grace Brethren Church on the corner of 1st and Spruce Street has a great youth group. They plan trips and the youth pastor is a very kind, caring young man. They have two basketball courts there also and you can call 301-739-1726 and talk to Linda or Pastor Dean. "

"All the hospitals need a dress code for their employees, especially the nurses."

"Otterbein Church has a teen group and you are always welcome. It's located at the corner of Franklin and Locust Street. Come join us."

"I'm calling to wish Candy Seigler a happy sweet 16 birthday."

"My name is Pastor Dean Pryor and we have a youth group at Hagerstown Grace Brethren Church on the corner of 1st and Spruce Street and I'm calling in regards to the call if anyone knows of a church youth group. If anyone would like any information on that my number at the office is 301-739-1726. We have a public team, a drama team, a Bible quizzing team and we do great stuff. We go to Six Flags amusement parks and do a lot of fun activities. Bye bye."

"This is to the person that said we don't need a drug store in Clear Spring. Well, a lot of us say, yes we do!"

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