Letters to the editor

August 26, 1997

My dear doctor

I was jolted into the realization that we failed to acknowledge the part our doctors play in our lives, after reading the letter of gratitude by a patient of Dr. Salvagno.

I, too, owe him gratitude for the patch work he has done on me. Triple shoulder fracture, two knee replacements, partial hip replacement due to a hip fracture at which time he mended my other leg fractured at the same time and, finally, mended my other hip fracture just three days short of a year from the previous fracture.

All of this took place in nine years' time. He rates 100 percent in my book. The day of my last discharge he said, "This is the last time, isn't it?" Dr., I hope so, and thanks again. God bless you, for you are truly one of His instruments of healing.


Charlotte Decker


Former students of `Buck' Staley meet August 31

To the editor:

Let me start by thanking Dave and Judy who own and operate the Yingling's Golf Center at 2120 Jefferson Blvd. for granting permission to have a reunion to celebrate my 82nd birthday on Saturday, Aug. 31 from 2 to 5 p.m.

My desire is to contact all or as many students as possible and invite them to Yingling's Golf Center.

I, Wolford "Buck" Staley will be there to meet with the students I had in home room, math classes and host a big lunch of welding shop participants.

I hope to see many of the students I taught in the HJC adult classes. I taught for 25 years in this program and it's still going strong.

There were two men who taught adult education welding classes with me and also by themselves. Their names were Howard "Mac" McCallam and Harold "Pappy" Clevenger. Mac taught 17 years and Pappy 6. Mac's daughter, Jean Christopher and Pappy's wife will be present to meet the students they taught.

My sons who teach welding now will be present to greet their students. You are invited.

Thanks to all the educators I worked with. Thanks to retired superintendent of Washington County schools William "Bill "Brish and Alfred "Al" Roth who made it possible for me to have the best welding class in the state of Maryland and it still is. See you Aug. 31 at 2 p.m.

Wolford "Buck" Staley


CAC begins sponsor drive for the '97 year

To the editor:

As the Washington County Community Action Council begins its 1997 sponsorship drive I would like to thank everyone who has supported our work over the last year. We are grateful for the financial support that many individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations have provided to us. We could not continue without this support and the support of our county government and the city of Hagerstown.

CAC is proud to be a part of the human service network for low-income citizens of our county. We have served our community for over 31 years with Head Start, meal-on-wheels, energy assistance, Community Estates, family self-sufficiency, shelter programs, emergency assistance, and community housing counseling. Our programs are geared to meeting immediate needs and assisting people in becoming self-sufficient.

CAC has a talented and enthusiastic staff that puts heart and soul into each day's work. Our board of directors represents a cross-section of citizens and elected officials from Washington County who volunteer their time to help guide our agency. And we are blessed with many wonderful volunteers who assist with meals-on-wheels and other programs.

Finding enough money to fight the effects of poverty can seem like an impossible task. With your help, we will continue to help low-income citizens meet life's emergencies and find the resources to become self-sufficient.

Austin Abraham


Board of Directors

Washington County Community Action Council

Thanks, Reliable

To the editor:

This past Saturday afternoon, Aug. 16, Reliable Furniture on the Dual Highway, hosted a time of autograph signing and picture taking by two of the Baltimore Orioles, Arthur Rhodes and Tony Tarasco.

I would like to take this time to thank these men and Reliable Furniture for taking their time to invest in the children of our community.

It was refreshing to see such role models give of their time and attention without a cost to the kids. This is what it's all about.

Greg Brown


A good letter

To the editor:

To Mrs. Miller in Williamsport pertaining to The Maryland Theatre, your letter was well written and they are my feelings exactly.

Ruth South


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