School board turns down offer

August 23, 1997


Staff Writer

Members of a Hagerstown-area business organization made their pitch Friday for becoming involved in the interview process for a new Superintendent of Schools.

But Washington County Board of Education officials continued to express concerns about the idea.

Board member Edwin Hayes said if the board allows The Greater Hagerstown Committee to get involved in the search, then it will have to do the same for everyone in the county.

Board of Education President B. Marie Byers would not say whether the boa3rd will allow The Greater Hagerstown Committee to participate.


Byers would only say that the board will welcome the group's input "as a new superintendent comes aboard."

Members of the committee, which represent some of the largest companies in the county, said if committee members are allowed to interview superintendent hopefuls, they might be able to detect strengths and weaknesses that the board would not see.

"Knowing how hard it is to hire a chief executive in business, our feeling is you need as much insight as you can get," said Dick Phoebus, president of Home Federal Savings Bank.

Byers said last week she was concerned that bringing groups like The Greater Hagerstown Committee into the search would sacrifice the confidentiality of candidates who apply for the job.

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