Franklin County Fair offers plenty of food

August 20, 1997


Staff Writer, Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Dieters beware. There's no place like the Franklin County Fair to sabotage even those with the strongest willpower.

Eating is all part of the fair experience, many fairgoers said Tuesday night.

One thing's for sure, food vendors are prepared to serve the nearly 40,000 people expected to attend this year's fair.

"I'd be surprised if we don't at least do a buffalo, maybe a buffalo and a half," said Dave Fox, who raises buffalo on Bison Ridge farm in Mercersburg, Pa., and is making his debut at the fair serving buffalo burgers, steak sandwiches and chili.

"This is a great way for people to try it," Fox said.

Opposite the buffalo stand, members of Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club plan to dole out 5,000 pounds of ham on 21,600 rolls this week, plus a ton of roasted potatoes, and nearly 200 gallons of ham and bean soup, said Mark Eshelman, club member.


For breakfast, the club plans to use 960 eggs and 120 pounds of dry pancake batter, he said.

"We always order a little extra to make sure we're covered," Eshelman said.

Nearby at the Chicken House, members of the Trinity United Church of Christ, the Fort Loudon Ruritan Club and the Civitan Club plan to prepare more than 500 chickens and nearly 40 gallons of chicken corn soup and chicken pot pie.

Next door, the Greene Township Lions Club, in its 23rd year at the fair, has 1,800 pounds of hamburger ordered for the week.

The Mercersburg Sportsman's Association fries up nearly 450 pounds of frozen potatoes each day.

"We tried doing the potatoes by hand and just couldn't keep up," said Gert Pugh.

The 4-H County Council expects to dish out 420 gallons of frozen yogurt and ice cream.

"This is excellent ice cream and it's a generous portion," said Jim Turkenton of Chambersburg, plunging his plastic spoon into a dish of butter pecan.

Also for dessert, it's hard to pass up the classic fair funnel cake.

"I've never had it like this before," said Tom Gates of Blue Ridge Summit, holding a plate on which sat a fried funnel cake covered in vanilla pudding and chocolate.

Kent Garman, owner of Kent's Funnel Cakes, is averaging about six buckets of batter a day, which makes about 450 funnel cakes or 2,700 for the week.

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