Man shot in leg with shotgun

August 18, 1997


Staff Writer, Martinsburg

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A Hagerstown man suffering from an apparent shotgun wound to his right leg drove to an AC&T gas station Sunday night to report the shooting, West Virginia State Police reported.

Late last night state police were still interviewing the victim, the man who allegedly shot him and other potential witnesses. Sgt. Rob Blair identified the man who was shot as 36-year-old James Baker. Blair would not release Baker's street address.

"When I got here he was on the floor and they were treating him," Blair said earlier in the evening before leaving the gas station.


He said Baker had pellet wounds to one leg and an apparent pellet wound to his arm.

Blair identified the alleged shooter as Howard Hartman, whose age and exact address were unavailable. No charges had been filed against Hartman or Baker, Blair said.

The shooting was called in at approximately 8:35 p.m. from the station at the intersection of Edwin Miller Boulevard and Warm Springs Avenue, but did not occur there. Blair said it happened at the Oak Tree Estates development off Oak Tree Lane where Hartman apparently lives.

"Mr. Baker arrived at the Hartman residence. Mr. Hartman apparently had some fear for his safety and a single shot was fired," Blair said in describing the circumstances of the incident.

He said police were still trying to determine the cause of the altercation.

"We're going to speak to both sides on this," to determine what happened, Blair said after he returned to the state police barracks. He said the investigation was ongoing and he would be contacting the Berkeley County Prosecuting Attorneys Office.

Hartman was still being interviewed at the barracks late Sunday night. Baker was still being treated in the emergency room, although Blair said a trooper was there interviewing him, as well. Baker's condition was not available.

"All he told me he was shot. I'd rather not talk about it," said a woman behind the counter at the AC&T. She declined to give her name. Another female employee was mopping up the floor where the man had been treated by ambulance personnel.

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