Boonsboro reservoir level back up

August 18, 1997


Staff Writer

BOONSBORO - Boonsboro's reservoir is slowly returning to normal levels after losing about 45 inches following a water main break last week, a town maintenance official said Sunday.

David Baker, superintendent of the town's water and sewer system, said the reservoir - 19 feet, 6 inches at capacity - stood at 17.8 feet Sunday afternoon.

"The reservoir is coming back slowly. These hot days don't help, but it's coming back," he said.

The water level started to drop last Monday when an 8-inch water main underneath Md. 34 between Boonsboro and Keedysville broke. The leak was not discovered until the following morning.


Workers spent much of last Tuesday repairing the line, which carries water from the Keedysville spring to Boonsboro's reservoir. The two towns share the water system.

Baker said workers put a permanent clamp on the pipe to plug the leak. He said the repairs have held up nicely. Getting back to normal, however, will depend on the weather and the conservation of water users, he said.

Baker estimated the reservoir will continue to gain about 3 to 5 inches a day.

"Hopefully, it will come back fast, but if it stays real hot and dry " he said.

Town officials are continuing to ask residents to conserve water, but have not issued a formal water restriction since lifting an outdoor water ban last month.

The town first restricted water use in June due to the drought and an accident that knocked out power to one of the water pumps.

As for the pipe, Baker said cracks and leaks occur from time to time. Installed in 1959, the line is scheduled to be replaced as part of a state-ordered renovation that will include a filtration system for the Boonsboro-Keedysville water system.

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